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  • Bathroom Remodeling With Mosaic Italian Tiles
  • Kitchen Renovation in Traditional Style
  • Remodeling the Bedroom for a Girl
  • Home Improvement With 3D-Panels Installation
  • Home Improvement for a Girl


Hello, dear Client!

Whom do you chose when you look for construction and remodeling and / or interior design? There are so many talented people and good working companies in this sphere in the United States. Many of them are real professionals. And there are so many interesting ways the construction and remodeling are being made here! So, how to choose?

EMILY RISE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION came from the richest country in the world in terms of its nature, long history, architecture, high-developed culture and intellectually highly developed people who went through many barriers and passed the exam of life. Thus, simply we do the best and create the most attractive and most beautiful products in interior design, construction and remodeling for the Clients. We want to achieve only brilliant results in construction because we have an aim to positively affect the lives of our Clients. Of course, we create your space of happy life, your lovely home full of joy and success! And it has sense!

EMILY RISE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION provides you the best interior design, construction and remodeling services. We make free estimate in CHICAGO +20 miles around in 24 hours after your phone call or any other request (e-mail or through social media). Our consulting is personalized and aimed to get necessary result for you!

Construction Works / Remodeling

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Residential Interior Design


Every day families and households get advanced design and construction solutions for home additions, new kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and countertops, roofs or patios and the best customer service from our company.


We start with a detailed discussion with the goal to get the vision for your project, to gather requirements and to estimate your project cost and timeline. Unlike other construction companies we rarely issue change orders to the Clients because we spend much time on the estimation process and give you realistic expectations of your real investments.


We have a perfect staff working for the best result! When we need someone from outside, only high quality professionals work for us.


Our Client gets his/her personal dashboard to check the timeline and to see the progress. Full transparency is guaranteed!


Do you want someone to take care of your project? Do you wish not to worry about talking to multiple companies and other things? Our dedicated Project Manager will coordinate all aspects of your project and will be your point of contact! You can sit back and relax with peace of mind knowing that EMILY RISE has it all covered.


All over work has a goal to make you happy! You never pay for errors made by the team, and you get our guarantee.


"There is extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships" (Conrad Levinson)

We like everything that was done by Liubov and Roman; the quality, the work process, their accountability - everything was on a high level!

Alexei Kanatiev - Entrepreneur

From Instagram @kidikaruss01 @constructionphilly we finally did it! Haha. If you guys need ANYTHING contractor or design wise, please call my buddy, Roman @constructionphilly he'll take care of you. We just refinished some of my upstairs and I couldn't be happier.

Chris Guerrieri - Private client

The whole work, as we had discussed before, was finished right in time, the materials were chosen, good and useful advices were given; the design was perfect, and the price for such work was just the best!!! There were no minuses, just pluses! It is very pleasant to work with Liuba and Roman. So, people, do not search any more, do not waiste your time and order interior design from Liuba and Roman. We are absolutely sure that you will not regret and will be satisfied with the result.

Lili Makarova - Public Service Manager