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Wall Decor: 10 Best Mirror Decorating Ideas for Your Room. Maximize your living room's style with a well-placed mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" It was often said by the Evil Queen, iconic Disney character, in front of the Magic Mirror. We know that the right mirror is a kind of magic. And we have to keep in mind that it can also add style to any room. Mirrors have several benefits:

1) they can reflect and emphasize views and colors from art/decor and adjacent walls creating special effects;

2) mirrors can help you to visually expand your room and of course mirrors can add an extra decorative touch to a room.

Here I will show you 10 best mirror decorating ideas.

1. Mirror furniture is number one in room decor. It creates the illusion of depth.

2. Another unique type of wall decor is something like this where different kind of mirror frames are used to decorate the wall. These beautiful antique frames of different shapes and sizes make a beautiful choice for the wall decoration.


3. Another way to decorate the living room wall is to decorate the entire wall with mirrors or rather design it with a mirrored tile. This is a beautiful example of mirrored tiles.

4. Full-size floor mirrors can create an illusion of big space even in a small room.

5. See what we can create hanging multiple similar mirrors on the same wall.

6. Look at this beautiful wave pattern mirror that makes the wall look beautiful.

7. The faceted border of the mirror reflects even more light than a typical mirror. It's perfect for creating the illusion of extra space in small rooms, on the corners and in the hallways.

8. Perfect combination of mirror and wood. This is a piece of art for your home.

9. Here is a statement mirror. This is a good way to create an artistry on the wall.

10. The hand-made frame of the mirror creates a unique vintage look.

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