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Wood in interior design: 10 best decor ideas for your home

Wood in interior design: 10 best decor ideas for your home

Wood is one of the most important and frequently used materials in interior design projects in America. It opens a bunch of opportunities for you! The variety of wood types and colors gives a chance to use it in various elements of design. You can see it in flooring, ceilings, walls, decor and furniture, of course. For centuries wood was the most popular and traditional material in construction to build houses!

Wood is natural, environmentally friendly material. In our homes it creates the atmosphere of tranquility and peace in the house. Many works are written about its useful qualities. Let us discover absolutely beautiful spaces with wood elements!

1. Wood decor is a great accent for the wall. Here is a combination of thin and thick wood elements.

2. Modern kitchen design: wood and glossy white cabinets.

3. Ceilings with wood elements look gorgeous!

4. Wood floors. You can combine them with tile or carpet!

5. Wood beams can separate and hide stairs from living space! What a perfect money saving idea!

6. What do you think about this door? Is it really cute? I think you will like it! This one will be absolutely unique element in your interior.

7. Wood element can become a good addition to your traditional home interior. Just look at this mirror and side table!

8. Stairs can be made from the big parts of real tree!

9. Wall hanger in hallway

10. Wooden lighting fixture made with twigs

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