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- Someone famous in John DOE

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Now we are the first American interior design studio that gives you an opportunity to get a wonderful floor planning and pay for it what you think it worth! Isn’t it wonderful?

You will ask me, why am I doing this? Of course. I have enough superb reasons for this:

1) We want to be Number One! It is obvious! It is a risky idea, but we have to prove our professionalism and to get a good place on this market! We have 10 years of experience, but how do you know our quality? That is why experience is all we can give you now! And you PWYW!!!

2) Free and Easy. Remember this song by Uriah Heep from 1970s? Yes, we are going to make it easy for you to choose and free to pay what it is worth!

3) It is a matter of trust between you and our company! It is a good start for long lasting relations, why not? And there are only 5 rules:

Rule 1. You decide how much you pay – even from 1 Dollar!

Rule 2. You need to explain why you pay this sum of money!

Rule 3. We have to receive a brief from you and you room with measurements (length and width)

Rule 4. We can make 3 plans, but it can be only one. If we feel it is perfect one!

Rule 5. And we are ready for your review of our job! It is very important when we finish project for you!

The examples:



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