One Big Porch Repainted

This house was built 100 years ago! We think that the big porch was not that old, but it had some problems anyway.

1. Some wood details were rotten and/or greasy

2. Old paints were cracking and peeling

3. The ladder was full of dirty spots

What is done?

1. Everything is cleaned and washed before painting.

2. Peeling and cracking spots of paints are scraped with wire brush and other tools.

3. The clean wood is primed.

4. Yhe rotten wood is replaced, the seams are patched and sanded, the holes are caulked.

5. The whole porch is painted outside and inside with Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Flat Paint.

6. All the doors and windows with trims are painted.

7. Everything is cleaned after work is done.

8. The porch becomes fresh, like-new, beautiful and warm! See the result!