Condo in West Loop Chicago. Interior Painting. Walls And Kitchen Cabinets. Refinished

This apartment are near downtown, and some companies are not eager to work there: limited time for materials supply, and limited work hours, no free parking lots near the house, traffic problems, etc. That was the case when we won the competition just because of the personal attitude and fast service. The estimate was done in less than 24 hours. The works were arranged in a very fast and comfortable way. And they started and finished right in time.

The main idea was to repaint (and repatch first where needed) the walls and to refinish the kitchen cabinets. The last part of work was (and is always) not an easy task! You need to make a whole bunch of procedures: covering the whole area, reassembling all the cabinets, cleaning and scraping, and sanding the cabinets, application of primer twice, sanding again, painting twice at least with special highest quality paint (Sherwin Williams Super Paint for trims and doors in this case) and special highest quality rollers and brushes, assembling everything to the right places and cleaning the area after all! This work is a really good test of professionalism and quality.

The result is a fresh modern look of apartments in the center of the great beautiful city.