Old House Becomes New - Exterior Painting

What are the problems with this house which has not painted for a long time?

1. The old paint is cracking/peeling

2. The old wood siding can be rotten and greasy, it has a lot of spots of dirt, oil etc.

3. The wood without paint starts to become old and cracks itself, so it needs to be repaired much.

After all, what will be the best cure for the old house when we make an exterior painting?

1. We wash the whole house. Power washing must remove old paint, will show all the cracks in the wood, will find the rotten and dirty wood spots to be replaced.

2. We caulk and patch and sand and replace the wood.

3. In many cases, we remove the leaves and weeds on the walls and on the gutters, the old tree branches and moth near the house, on the walls and on the roof and gutters. It is an additional work, but it saves the house after it will be renewed for a long period of time to stay like new.

4. We put primer where the wood comes out of the old paint and where we caulked and patched and sanded because it also gives another coat and creates a perfect adhesion with the new paint coats.

5. We paint, paint, paint, using different paints for trims and siding, and usually different paints for different parts of the house. Also, these can be stains, but in case if the house was stained before.

6. And after all, the house becomes fresh, new and very very nice! See the result!