VICTORIA'S HOUSE - Exterior Painting

The main problem with this house was that it was stained long ago with gray-color stain, which became even black, changed its color or just disappeared from the wood for a sound period of time. The minor problem was with the woodpeckers who spoiled the wood in some areas which patched already and painted after that (not stained) with the paint of different shade of grey. And there were some rotten and spoiled siding and trims (not many, but definitely negatively changing the whole look of this wonderful house).

The work was done with the best quality:

1. Everything was power washed without adding any additives, soaps etc. (not to spoil this premium class cedarwood).

2. All the gray paint was removed with power washing and scraping.

3. The seams and holes were caulked and patched.

4. The trims were coated few times (more than twice) with the premium-quality stain Olympic of beige/creme color.

5. The pure cedar siding was covered with the semi-transparent Olympic stain of natural wood (cedar) color.

6. The entrance door was stained with dark mahogany color. 8. The trims of the garage door were stained.

7. Also, all the gutters were cleaned from grease and leaves, and old branches, and moth (as a bonus).

8. The stone walkways in the yard were partially power washed, the grass and moth were removed (as a bonus).

9. The result is a bunch of works in the neighborhood for the people who saw the huge value of this house renewal.